14 months

9 03 2010

E turned 14 months a couple of days ago. The light of my life is MA walking independently; no correct that running these days. He was NEVER the one to sit still for a minute, and since he’s learned to walk independently, there is no stopping this guy. On sleep ends, he’s STILL not sleeping through the night! I don’t think he ever will! I really ought to give Ferber a try, but living in a joint family system and having a hubby who doesn’t approve of cry it out is just not a good recipe for giving your kid good sleep habits. Off late we have started making him sleep on the floor in our room with a lot of blankets and comforters to make it really soft. He HATED his crib and felt imprisoned by it. So after months of getting no sleep, we finally let him sleep down. I won’t say like the sleep programs say that he slept 10-12 hours straight. I won’t say that he stopped waking up at night either. He still wakes up anywhere from 2-5 times per night. The only difference is that when we DO get some sleep, we get it KICK FREE! On diet end, he is MA taking about 4 solid feeds and approx 3-4 bottles of milk everyday. He has now a total of 6 teeth and 3 molars. God, what is he in a hurry to do with all those teeth. On speaking front, he’s trying his best to imitate whatever we say. Like he says “Up”, Booter (Water), Bootall (Bottle), Baba, Mama, Ama, Dada, basically he’s blabbing ALL the time! Whenever he drinks water, after he gulps it down he makes this peculiar noise like Aaaaahhh! Its ADORABLE! The best time of the day is when I have my bed tea with me in the morning, hubby is out ironing his clothes for work and E is sleeping soundly beside me. I lovingly look and him and my heart swells in pride thinking he’s MY BOY!




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