Baby Story: Part FOUR

9 03 2010

On the day of the appt, we reached before time and surprisingly, we didn’t have to wait too long to be ushered in the doctors room. She asked how I am and stuff. The stuff I hate about docs is that they don’t REMEMBER us!!! Arggh, I know I’m being unreasonable and they can’t POSSIBLY remember all their patients but STILL… I love to RANT! Anyway, she did the ultrasound and said call your hubby. I was so dead sure it’s a bad news but called him in and she said that if we have good news, we definitely call the father!!!! Phewww, I couldn’t believe the burden on my shoulders had lifted and I felt so light. We literally ran out of the clinic, got in the car and then called everyone and gave them the good news. The rest of the pregnancy was a breeze, as compared to what I usually hear from people. No nausea, no dizziness, all fabricated craving [a girl can fun right?] and overall enjoyed every bit of it. The best part was that I loved to have fruits and that was just great for the weight gain. Hubby and I bonded so much during these months and it was overall a very easy pregnancy. Till the end I was thinking of having the delivery out of the city at my mums but then I changed my mind and wanted to have it in my city. And then I did something outrageous, I changed my Doctor in my 7th month! Maybe the fact that my doctor’s precious 5 minutes were just not enough for me. And I was also having Very irregular, yet visible contractions [Braxton Hicks] and she dint bother explain them to me. These factors helped me in my decision. I asked the wife of Hubby’s best friend who teaches nursing the best Hospital in my city and she recommended Dr N to me. I made our appt and went there. Unlike Dr. B’s office, where we make our own file, the nurses made my file, took history and ushered me in. The first time we looked at Dr. N, hubby and I both knew that we wanted her to bring our child to this world. She was this middle aged cute lady with a sweet smile. She made me do my blood work again and there they found that my I was getting anemic with every month. I tried to supplement myself with fruits and oral medicines and juices but nothing helped, it only went down. At the last check it went down to 9 and then she instructed me to get the injection for iron. I said 3 injections must be easy. When I got there, I found out I had to get it via a drip which is for 1.5 to 2 hours! Got through the 3 required drips and I couldn’t believe I got through them alone. Hubby wasn’t allowed to sit through them so I told him I’d go alone. Did I mention that I remained very active throughout the pregnancy? I worked right through till a day before my delivery. I wanted to take all of my days off AFTER E came. I had planned my maternity leave like that.




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