Baby Story : Part ONE

9 03 2010

I’ve wanted to write the BIRTH STORY since months now. Wanted the write the experience before it disappears from my memory.  Will first write on how we found out about it…

I and Hubby were married for a year after which we started ttc. Every month I’d get my hopes up and try the hpt only to get disappointed. Would look at kids here and there and it would make me so emotional and hubby would say it would happen when it’s meant to. In the summers of 2008, my in laws went abroad to meet their eldest daughter so me and hubby were alone then. In end April, I half heartedly tried the hpt, not at all expecting the positive sign when lo and behold, it immediately turned POSITIVE. I couldn’t believe! I stared at the test for 10 more minutes, making my mind believe that it is finally true. Hubby was still in bed sleeping when I gave him the good news and his eyes popped open and a huge smile on his face. We would still wait for the blood test to confirm and let the folks know.




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