Baby Story: Part TWO

9 03 2010

I didn’t get any of the usual nausea or dizziness or anything for that matter. E was so easy on me. I asked around my colleagues for a good gynecologist and was recommended to Dr. B. went to her at around 5 weeks I believe and got to see a little tiny image of E there on her machine was just unreal for me. For the initial appts, I was satisfied with her. Though, I didn’t like the fact that she was ALWAYS in a hurry. And almost ALWAYS, I had to wait at her clinic for an hour or 2. It wasn’t hitting me that I was going to be a mother.  We still hadn’t told our folks about it. We were waiting for a few more weeks.

At my week 7’s appointment, the Doc wanted to check the baby’s heartbeat. She poked and poked my belly but could NOT find a heart beat.




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