The latest set of whining

9 03 2010

The latest set of whining is caused by a fight between the hubby and I last night. E was being very difficult to put to sleep last night and as soon as I’d say Sssshhh go to sleep, he’d start bawling like I’d hit him! This went on for an HOUR! Hubby came inside and said give him to me, I said no! He insisted, I said first change your clothes then come back and take him. He said he’s been crying for an hour now and his voice comes down and I don’t like it. I understood it like this, “he has been crying for an Hour and you being his mother are incapable of taking care of him and I’m ashamed as MIL can hear him cry down”. This is where I flared up and said “I don’t need to prove it to ANYONE how I handle my child!” E continued his crying and wanted to be in his dad’s arms. Feeling very down by this, I handed over E to him and went to bed. After a while I think I fell asleep and hubby woke me up to say sorry. The fact is that he doesn’t even know what he is saying sorry for. He doesn’t even realize what he is doing to my self esteem. Then this morning, I told to take these things down and I’ll being E. I told him take this bottle, this bottle and my clothes. Before I could finish my sentence, he snapped, I know what to take down. I snapped; leave it I’ll take it myself. God, we’re such kids! I told him on the way to home that you know it’s my habit to tell you everyday what to take down, why get so pissed and act like another kid! He is 34 for God sake! We haven’t spoken to each other since then, and he has told me we will talk tonight. Let’s see how it goes.

Update: We had a talk about it. Cleared the misunderstanding and made up 🙂




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