12 03 2010

Last night I had E in my arms while talking to hubby and mil about some random stuff. Splat came E’s hand on my face. Wasn’t too hard though but enough that in another situation, I would have snapped at him loudly. But this time though, I don’t know what came over me and instead of shouting back and I held his hand and kissed it and said NO, not loudly but firmly, and I kept looking at him emphasizing the NO. He kept looking in my eyes and face to see a glimpse of smile but I didn’t and he somehow figured I’m angry and turned and hugged me like kept his head on my shoulder in a sleep like motion. Hubby looked at me with a different smile and I didn’t say anything else. I got back to talking when E looked up to see if I’m looking at him and when he saw I was not, he tried to make me look at me to see if im still angry at him! Awww… how can I be angry at him… that was the first sign EVER that he cares about ME, his MOTHER. He’s always so attached to his daadi, dada and baba that I used to think he barely has time to think of me, let alone be concerned about my being angry. And even though I don’t think it will happen all the time, I am taking pleasure in the fact that my baby KNOWS me!! Yippeee… Not sure where the difference is: the baby or the Mother…




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