13 03 2010

At the time of my marriage, Hubby promised me that we would be taking an international vacation every alternative year. That year we went for our honeymoon to Thailand and had a ball of a time but due to some unforeseen circumstances, we lost the external drive that stored the pictures and videos. I keep telling Hubby that you have no PROOF that you took me there so you have to do it again! HAH nice try!

The alternative year I was pregnant so couldn’t travel and plus in-laws had travelled 6 months back to US and Canada so we were tight on cash. This past anniversary we went for a night over at a hill station which is a 2 hour drive from our place sans E. Though we missed him loads and literally were thinking of turning back and leaving the whole night over part and going back but we stuck to it and has a great time. Bought back so many memories of our honeymoon… 

Anyhoo, this year hubby had been after me to try for a US visa with E so I, E, MIL and FIL could go to US to the SIL. The plan was that I’d come back in a month’s time because of my work and E would stay there for another month (I have no idea how I would’ve dealt with it) and then they’d come back. As luck would have I, we have just settled our home loan after taking some money from a few friends and are committed to return the amount by the end of this year. So even after all of our combined salaries, we would only be able to send the in laws there IF POSSIBLE. Fitting another 2 people’s ticket wouldn’t be possible. Plus I was thinking that its better that they go this year and I hubby and E can probably go the next year fingers crossed. Let’s see how it goes. So we’ve convinced the MIL that I won’t be applying for it.

I’ve though long and hard about it and have decided that I would get E enrolled in a day care which is near my office. I don’t want to be dependant upon her since she’s got 2 daughters, one in another city and one in US and I really can’t call my Mom for that long a time since my SIL is also a working mother and the niece stays with my mom after school so its better to find an alternative solution where I’m not made to feel like E has taken up all of her life! She takes great care of E and E absolutely adores her but I really think that trying an alternative solution can’t be that bad. Since its only for 6 months and after they are back, E would probably be starting his Pre-School.

For the moment I’m really excited because my in laws are going to another city to attend a relative’s wedding and my FOLKS are coming! Yippee! 

PS: Hubby is unaware of this blog :p He’d freak out if he could see how some small things annoy me!




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13 03 2010

Your plan sounds good, as E also would be old enough next year to enjoy some of the things in the US.
My hubby is aware of my blog and yet doesn’t read it :S

15 03 2010

By the way, where is your blog?

15 03 2010

Thanks for dropping by Priyanka 🙂

15 03 2010
Nuttie Natters

Hey whiney – dont show it to the husband/…but we all know we prefer our mommies and daddies to visit as compared to MIL/FIL’s…thats like our evil secret!

15 03 2010

🙂 My folks are not at all Internet savvy and I’d like to keep it that way 😉 Dont want them getting worried about me and our petty issues.

Thanks for dropping by Nuttie!

19 03 2010

Ha ha I like the way u write .. very honest n heartfelt 🙂

19 03 2010

Thanks Swaram! Just write down whatever comes to my mind 🙂

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