The sweeter side

13 03 2010

I see E’s personality emerging these days and I must say he is a sweetheart.  Last night I took him upstairs to read his book and feed him his cereal. He was really tired and sleepy but eventually finished the book as well as the dinner. Next I let him go down from the bed and roam around when I suddenly had this cough attack and kept on coughing for like a WHOLE MINUTE. E stopped in his track and kept staring at me and when I was done, he came to me and put his head on my knees in a sleep like motion. It was oh so ADORABLE!

Plus these days when he is the car to pick me from my work, as soon as he sees me come out of the office gate he has this HUGE grin on his face and when I sit in the car he immediately comes and hugs me and holds me so tightly!  Sometimes he would do his rough version of a kiss too but the holding tightly is more than enough for me.

I never expected him to have a sweet personality since I knew Boys are different breed altogether but this is an added bonus! I’m Lovin’ it!




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