Count your blessings

16 03 2010

They say if you really want to count your blessings, then look at the below who are below you.

I may crib about MIL trying to act like a godmother at all times, getting all of E’s time, putting him to sleep and basically being the Mother of my baby, but then I go and see what my SIL is going through and I shudder and realize Thank God that I have a great MIL.

SIL ‘s household is going through a lot of problems. Her MIL is the typical drama saas. SIL’s hubby was working abroad for the first 3 years of their marriage and just came a year back. As soon as the son leaves the house, her MIL starts to criticize and crib and start name calling. There have been instances when she had gone as far as to push her in the house to vent her anger. In the one year that the son was here, he finally came to realize his mother’s intention and decided enough was enough and said he wanted his share in the property (that he had paid initially) and wants to get separated. They initially on a fixed amount and they waited.

Now her MIL went outside the house and she is insisting that he has no share and blah blah! Bad scenes there and this makes me realize that I’m so blessed. I hope everything   works out for them.




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