E update

16 03 2010

The recent on E’s update is that he has recently started sleeping a little better at night Mashallah Touchwood! I sure hope I don’t jinx it. He’s still not sleeping through though, wakes up once at least but we can handle that plus hubby is the one who’s on call in the middle of the night.

The downside is that he is sleeping later these days like 11:00 – 11:30. He falls asleep on our way back home from community center at around 8:30 pm, wakes up in about 30 minutes and roams around till10:30 and whines and all.

Initially I used to whine about it to Hubby that we stay out so much and E is not getting the rest that he needs and all the sites say that your kid should be asleep by 8:00 pm to 7:00 pm and then I realized its all about what suits your kid and your households. We are a late sleeping household meaning if E sleeps at 11, then he is up with us at 8:30 am and again goes down for an hour or 2 till about 11 so as long as he is a happy and healthy baby, I think I should keep my controlling nature to myself and just go with the flow.




2 responses

16 03 2010

When will my day come when I can say that Buzz has started sleeping a little better..

And yeah you are right..don’t worry too much about what the books say..work with what works for your family 🙂

17 03 2010

Thanks comfortablynam… though i just jinxed it as always… he woke up thrice last night! 🙂
Iv retired myself to the fact that he wont EVER sleep! :p

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