The countdown begins

17 03 2010

I’m so glad that my folks are coming in 2 days! I’ve been married for more then  3 years and they’ve only Once been to my home and that too for a day’s visit when I got married and they came for the wedding reception held here. They didn’t even stay at my place and insisted on staying at a hotel as it was wedding time and we had guests over. They have wanted to come for a while now and something or the other just came up. Initially I was going back home once or twice a year so it was not necessary. Then mom wanted to come for my delivery but Dad just had his appendix operation the same month E was born so I insisted not to delay the operation because of my delivery and assured them that I would bring E to them as soon as I’m fit to travel, which I did. Then we invited them to E’s birthday but since my dad cannot tolerate strong winters, that idea was dropped. Finally after 3.5 years they are coming here. And to top it off my in laws are leaving for a wedding 2 days after my parents come! Can it get any better then this! J No issues with the In-laws staying here but they planned it such that they can meet their daughter while my parents meet their, plus they could take care of E and E’s mum! 😉

Fingers crossed, hope they enjoy and all goes well!




3 responses

17 03 2010

Super exciting..hope you have a blast.. 🙂

18 03 2010


19 03 2010

Oh what fun with all our dearest of the dear ones around 🙂

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