Am I for real?

18 03 2010

I’m so moody I feel like is it just me or is every female like me, well not every but most, ok some? J

Some days I’ll feel that I’m the luckiest female on this earth; I have a great husband, an awesome kid and an amazing family who love and support me. And I’ll feel like I can conquer the world, I’ll be great with my kid, I’ll talk a lot with the MIL and I’ll romance around with the hubby.

And then there are days like yesterday. I was dead tired by 5:00 pm, pushed myself and went shopping with MIL to get her stuff, went to community center, ran around with E with an ultra bad back ache, came home did my work for the next day, tried to put E to sleep. He wouldn’t budge, he was playing and babbling and I was unable to find his coos and gurgles amusing. I kept telling him to go to sleep politely first then a little harder. He started crying and then Hubby came in and tried to take E from me. The best thing for me to do would’ve been t o give E to him and myself to go to sleep and all would have been good. But NO! I’m not NICE, and I don’t do NICE things! I went and got my Ego in the middle and told him to get out and then he got mad and E started crying louder and it got very nasty! I finally put E down and went outside the room for half an hour while Hubby tried to put E to sleep. E still didn’t sleep. I went back inside the room and headed to bed. When hubby came to bed, I took out my angst on him and I was being so stubborn about it. I don’t know what got into me and I was hurling blames and all on him. It was really bad and I cried and cried. We were up till 2 am and coming to office was so hard. I still feel bruised from inside. We did try to make up but it was so late and it was still too ugly.

Does it happen with everyone or is it just me?




4 responses

18 03 2010

It happens to everyone Whiny..when life overwhelms us..we take it out on our loved ones..

Hang in does get better in time does it not..?? hang on..

19 03 2010

your’re right, it does get better! Thanks 🙂

19 03 2010

Oh one of those days .. can happen to anyone 🙂

19 03 2010

Yea one of those days but everytime those days hit you, its like Im never coming out of this quicksand! 🙂

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