Happiness and Chaos

22 03 2010

As I wrote earlier, my folks have come to see me and oh what a joy it was! I was so so so very excited about it and I feel that it got jinxed! Like they say “meri khushi ko nazar lag gayi!” Here is how the unfortunate set of events took place.

There was still chaos in my city, we got stuck on the road to airport, but still somehow managed to get there. Then when folks landed, they said my grandmother was ill, perhaps it was food poisoning and she started vomiting just when folks were leaving. Tension! Then we called home and asked how she was doing, we found out that she had vomited again and was very weak. My father was so worried. My brother and bhabhi took her to the doctor and she was dizzy there and after a while they said she was still not tolerating food.  I felt like crying because I was torn between wanting my folks stay there, or send them back because daddi was so ill, but I stood strong. I kept telling myself all would be well, she would be fine. Plus my mother told me another thing that depressed me. She told me that my bhabhi was very much against my folks coming here because it was not convenient for her and that daddi was not their responsibility. I was hurt and upset and worried about quiet a few things:

  • I was worried about my grandmother since she is very old and very weak and if she is not tolerating food then it is a thing to be scared about.
  • I wanted my parents to go back so that if grandmother is missing my dad then she can get well soon.
  • If my folks go back that means my baby E would be alone, which meant I would have to take off from work for at least a week. Thinking that I called my boss and got the most disheartening and disappointing response. He gave me the impression that I NEVER complete my assignments on time and I cannot be entrusted to long term assignments. WHAT??? In my almost 3 years at this place, I have NEVER delayed ANY assignment and look at his audacity when HE is the one who fails to compile the report since he is busy with PEOPLE while my data is ALWAYS at his desk on time.
  • I was hurt because I felt that being a DIL, I had no problems letting my MIL and FIL go to USA for 6 whole months when I was pregnant. But my bhabhi was not letting her MIL come to meet me after 3 whole years! I was hurt because my bhabhi and I really get along and when I found out what was going on behind sweet words, I was very sad.
  • I didn’t want to send E away for 10 days with my MIL and FIL because I would miss him, plus I wanted them to enjoy their time there without any responsibilities.

With so many things in mind, I broke down and cried so hard in the bathroom. I called up hubby and told him to go get the flights changed and get E’s ticket as well while sobbing. He didn’t know how to respond.

I was worried, sad, disappointed and hurt.

Update is that grandmother was given medicine to put food down, it worked and she was able to tolerate a LITTLE food. The quantity was less but if she is able to put down even a little, that is an achievement. Brother and bhabhi said no need to send parents back as daddi is improving and on bed rest. Spoke with bhabhi just now and she sounded well. ALL is well! I can’t tell you guys how relieved I am. Perhaps I am just too numb to actually feel any happiness.

Never the less I am satisfied with the present and in the future I will NEVER get worked up for anything related to my family.




2 responses

25 03 2010

Oh god! Things seem to be totally unclear when we think too much. Glad all is well nw. Hv a gr8 time with ur luved ones 🙂
And abt work n ppl there, they say things as and when they want to. The same person mite again tell u that u r indispensable.
Take care and hv a nice time 🙂

27 03 2010

I agree with the work stuff.. I did speak with my Boss and told him clearly that it was uncalled for and that there is not a single project that I’ve delayed or anything and well he sort of apologized or at least tried to clear himself 😉

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