kind of sad…

27 03 2010

I’m kind of sad today. Been feeling like I havent paid a lot of attention to folks and that I should be spending more time with them. I’m feeling so guilty.

I finally went to the doc for my backache and he said apparently its not something serious. I need to eat well since I’m anemic and that I need to correct my posture due to all that sitting in office.

Since folks have found out this thing, they’ve been feeling like they need to help me more and more. Now we all know how it gets when one’s parents pamper us.

I’m in a whiney mood but a crying and guilty and sad kind of a whiney mood. I’m not staying home much of the time because have work and boss is being crappy. I’m feeling guilty because its like i called my folks just for babysitting and that doesnt sound right. i feel they’re bored home and there’s not much i can do about it. we took them to a hill station yesterday but is that really enough? im tired and my back is killing me so i prefer resting at home but that cant be good for them is it?

folks constantly tell me that they were prepared that they’d be home most of the time and its all good and that they are enjoying with E but guilty me, what do i do for my head?

another factor is that i know my dad is at his best when he is working, he gets sick when he is home for a long time so this adds to my guilt even more.

I think i should really take them out next week as they will be gone after that 😦 Damn 24 hours is too less to enjoy with your parents 😦

I really thinking my going home for 2 weeks vacation is a better option.




2 responses

29 03 2010

Oh dear .. dnt be so guilty. I am sure that they think n feel that having a gud time with E is the best for them.

Take care of ur back and get well soon 🙂

29 03 2010

Thanks a lot Swaram! 🙂

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