what an adventure

30 03 2010

I had a blast last night. A friend from my city was here for some official work, we told him we’d pick him up for dinner. It had already poured heavily in the day so we thought he weather was great for an open air dinner. Picked him up and off we went. Ordered a lot of things and folks and E was also with us. Just when the first item of food made its way to our table, we heard and saw the lightning bolts. We prayed hard that it doesn’t rain for a few more minutes while we gobbled our food, but the Lord doesn’t listen at these times :p Anyways, the rain came plonk and within a minute the food was soaked and so were we. We ran for the nearest cover and hubby took E to another cover. Damn we were all shivering and I was scared that E would get wet and catch a cold. Since we couldn’t stand there forever and it didn’t look like it would stop anytime soon. Thus, we had to run to the car which resulted in us getting further soaked, but we eventually reached. And what do we see, NO HUBBY OR E IN SIGHT. Shit! I had the keys with me. I quickly got everyone inside and called up hubby. He said its pouring too hard and he cannot possibly get E to the car without soaking him. Luckily a good soul from the shops bought an umbrella and Hubby and E were under it. They reached the car and E was dry! 😀 What an adventure it was. Since we were still hungry, we got something to eat in the car, dropped that friend at his hotel and rushed home. Ah, what blessing it is to reach our cozy home J




4 responses

30 03 2010

Ha ha .. some days r just too adventurous 😉 I so want some rains here!

30 03 2010
Nuttie Natters

lol…reminds me of the saying it never rains – it pours and i am with swaram i want some rains too!

5 04 2010

HF and I had similar adventures, except we were suddenly overtaken by a huge sandstorm while eating outside our favorite mashawi (Arabic grill) place. One second everything is deliciously, the next, it’s all covered in sand and we’re running for cover with sand going *gritgrit* between our teeth. Ah, good times, Alhamdulillah 🙂

6 04 2010

oh my that must’ve been an adventure, grit grit!!

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