15 months

6 04 2010

My baby is 15 months! 15 months have swished by and I’m thinking why I can’t keep you a baby forever J. Your personality has emerged in this month. You are such a darling sweetheart. When you’re being naughty and we give you a scolding look, you stare intently looking for a hint of smile. Sometimes we give in and you laugh with us and sometimes we don’t and then you put your heard on our shoulder and we HAVE to give in.

On sleep front, you’re Still NOT sleeping through. Your routine is so unpredictable at night, sometimes you’d sleep late and wake up in morning and sometimes you’d be up crying every hour. These days when Daddy comes to you at night to put you back to sleep you keep on crying and as soon as I come and put your head on my lap, you shush up and go back to sleep. Sweety, this is so tiring but I’m glad you are somehow recognizing your mom, even if it is at a terribly inconvenient time, Alhamdulillah, makes me realize that I agreed to be a mother 24/7. Heard somewhere that “15 months” is a good time for the baby to be sleeping through, hoping that is true.

On activity, you are learning something everyday, Mashallah. You’ve learned up and seem to where UP will come in a poem and shout it out even before we say it. You’ve learned how to play “Ringa Ringa Roses” and want to continue playing this at least 10 times. You know exactly where the one spoon you like to hit us with is located in the spoon drawer, and whenever you don’t find it there, you drag us to the drawer and make us find it for you. Whenever we let you run outside with supervision of course, you have that gleam in your eyes, that NAUGHTINESS. Its cuteness Personified!

You LOVE being around kids and your daddy says we should send you to a playgroup right away but I insist on waiting till October when you would join daycare. I’m so scared of sending you away, even when you would be near my office but still…






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6 04 2010
Nuttie Natters

Awww mommy – letting go must be tough..isn’t it???

6 04 2010

Hell yea! Im dreading when in laws would go again!

6 04 2010

Such a sweet update. Kids always love to be around other kids, but I’m sure she must be happy to have you around all the time now. I don’t remember at which age exactly Ash started sleeping through the night, will need to go through my archives, Mommy Brain you see 🙂 I hated to be disturbed from my sweet slumber at night. Even now Ash wakes up at least once or twice as she dreams of some thing and wakes up talking or crying.
Its so cute that she knows the word ‘UP’ 🙂

7 04 2010

Oh no Priyanka, I work full time so I meet by baby boy only in the evening… prolly thats y he gets clingy and all. Im against cio so just waiting when he’ll be ready to sleep thru himself. very soon there might be a time when he doesnt want to be anywhere near our rooms 😉 Gen X u see 🙂
Hey, leave me ur url so I could read your blog, i cant seem to get anywhere from here

11 04 2010

lovely letter to the kid 🙂 15 months..wow 🙂

21 04 2010
Mona S.

yay, 15 months!
the sleep thing, you can never say you know, one day next week, he might just start sleeping through the night or maybe he won’t until he’s 2. who knows?

22 04 2010

Im really hoping for the next week 😉

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