Folks gone back home and In-laws back home

6 04 2010

My in-laws are home. It’s kind of bittersweet because no more home responsibilities. Phew! As soon as E saw them at the airport, he ran full speed to the FIL and jumped in his arms. A lovely moment it was. I must say, E is very happy to have his grandparents back. And they bought him so many goodies!

My parents went back home last morning. As much as I want to keep them here, I know they were so happy to go home. Really, home is where the heart is.

After you become parents, your parents hold a different place in your life. It’s like you realize how much they had sacrificed for you. After having E, this is the first time I’ve spent this much time with my mom and usually I’m much more closer to my father than my mom, but I really got along and sat long hours talking with her.

I never cry when saying goodbye to my folks. Some might say I’m hard hearted, but I know my dad is very sensitive to my tears and I don’t want him worrying over the whole flight about my sadness. Want to send them off happily.

Oh all this comings and goings have worn me out but then we were expecting another pair of guests for another week. I hope I do justice because she is from the Susraal and your parents can forgive you if something goes wrong, but these people wont. They’re nice, my FIL’s sister and her husband and I really hope things go smoothly. Wish me luck.




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6 04 2010

I am sure things will be just fine .. gud luck to u 🙂
And nt shedding tears does nt make u hard-hearted. They hv just gone bk home and r still near n dear to u 🙂

It must hv been so nice to see the smile on all their faces when E ran close. God bless!

6 04 2010

Yes thats true Swaram! 🙂 Thanks and yea they were so happy 🙂

6 04 2010
Nuttie Natters

Hey Whiney!…good luck…! and i guess it’s not too bad having ur in-laws back after a break! and yes yes mommies are the best 😀

6 04 2010

Mommies rock! 🙂

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