Guests over

8 04 2010

As you guys already know, I’ve got guests over at my place. My FIL’s sister and he husband, both are 60+ senior citizens. They’ve been here for the last 4 days and have 4 more days to go before they leave. The aunty is a sweet lady maintained at that age, she’s older then my FIL who is around 65+, and uncle is a quiet man who’s silence can also be misunderstood as his arrogance by some shallow minded, judgmental people like yours truly 🙂

I’m ok with the hospitality stuff and all, even when I’m dead tired after coming home and we take them out every night but they were so nice and all to my MIL and FIL when they stayed over at Canada, but I have my reservation about 2 things:

Firstly, the aunty keeps cribbing about money ALL THE TIME! She keeps on saying her son is trying his best to make extra money and that his job is good but it doesn’t leave a lot in his hands and he’s trying to retire dad and all. And she keeps on repeating this every time we sit and talk. I wouldn’t have had a problem otherwise but if you’ve got money problems and health problems then you would not have been able to travel from Canada to Pakistan, stay for a week, fly out to Dubai for a week, fly back to Pakistan city A, fly again from city A to city B (that’s us!), then fly back to city A, stay for another month and then fly back to Canada. People who don’t have money control their travelling. I told Hubby that why does she cry over money so much, he says its her habit and that she does this so that no one ask her for any money. HUH!! WTH!!

When you get guest over, you are all high on taking them out and this and that and generally touring around the city. The guests generally state their requests and say just for formality sake that “Please, if it is CONVINIENT for you”. I think that’s decency, what do you say? But they haven’t said it in all these 4 days that we’ve been touring them, plus this weekend’s demand was to take them to another by road. I’ve been to that city before with hubby and I’m just dreading this trip with 5 people packed in a car with an energetic toddler for 4-5 hours!! Argghh…. Please guys pray that I survive without breaking down!




5 responses

8 04 2010

Ohh I soo know the kind!!
sending u loads of patience and positive vibes..
I have been reading the posts..just too tired..will post comments on the weekend..:)

9 04 2010

Thanks Trish! 🙂 they are trying my patience..!

13 04 2010

They sounds painful…

Thanks for dropping by at my blog 🙂

15 04 2010

This kind of problem arises when guests are not very understanding /supportive. And then its us who exhausts to the death..working,mom and DIL are major responsibilities.

16 04 2010

Yep- Wish everyone would understand that. all that people see is that since i work, i dont ACTUALLY work hard at raising my boy

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