The past weekend

13 04 2010

I mentioned that I’d be going out of city for one night with our guests. Well, I took a day off on Saturday (after much begging from the boss, may I add) and woke up late (10:30 am!!). Hubby was strictly instructed not to wake me up early at any cost (hehe, I’m evil like that!). Anyway, so after we woke up, we got busy with preparation for the trip. All our backs were packed and we were in the car by 12:30 pm. Had random stuff to get done before we headed off so finally were on the road for the trip by 2:00 pm. How the car trip of 4 hours with an energetic toddler in tow who would just not go to sleep is another story. Reached the city guest house by 6:00 pm. Oh it was such a grand place, beautiful, loved it! And E had a ball roaming around in the house. We freshened up and headed for dinner. E has been a little ill with his allergy and then it was so hot there but overall it was not bad, in fact good. The next day we roamed around the whole day and were back in the car to head home at around 8:00 pm. I knew then only that we’d be late and have to go to office the next day. E was very restless on the way back and drove us crazy. He was in my arms the whole time and that took a toll on my back. We reached home at 2:00 am. Rushed to sleep only to be woken up thrice by E. Hubby was out and that left me to do take care of E. Woke up at 7:30 for work and no rest the whole day. It was so tiring! And on top of that we had to take the guests at a dinner last night which got free at 11:00 and then some guests again came over to meet our guests and headed home at 1:00 am!! I think I’m going to die! I can’t handle sleep deprivation! I won’t say it was a terrible weekend but it was OK.

I would have preferred going to the trip alone with hubby and baby but oh well, some other time. The guests have left and finally we’re back to normal! J




7 responses

13 04 2010

Oh gosh, that sounds bad! With work piling on top of the head, the last thing I would think of is going on a trip and returning at an unearthly hour…….wonder how you managed….

hope things are better now…..hugsssss

14 04 2010

Hell yea it was terrible. It took me 3 days to get back on track. I’m still tired but managing, Thanks! 🙂

15 04 2010

hey looks like guests and your kid are keeping you on your toes..I hope you recovred from the tirdness soon 🙂

16 04 2010

Not recovered yet. extra busy with work for a conference so would be free after that is over next week! fingers crossed

21 04 2010
Mona S.

sounds nuts, yeah. i can’t handle sleep deprivation either but sigh, it’s not we have much choice, right?

21 04 2010
Mona S.

sounds nuts, yeah. i can’t handle sleep deprivation either but sigh, it’s not like we have much choice, right?

22 04 2010

😦 No choice !

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