Busy bee

22 04 2010

I know I’ve been really out of touch with the blog updates but I have very good reasons. Work was so very hectic that I wasn’t even checking mails. Had a 3 day conference to attend and the preparations had to be done well before time. Thank God it went well and so I’m a little free now. Loved having the pressure last week, but what I didn’t like was the aftermath. I love my job but hate my boss. He’s an evil man with a dirty mind and dirty eyes. He is a big “Tharki” as we would say and it’s impossible to work with him. His favorite target are single females, whom he would favor and cover up for till they are not engaged or married and then as soon as they get involved in a relationship, he would throw them out and basically create hurdles for them. I was lucky that I got inducted here after my marriage so I was never a “Target” for him. But that also meant that he many a times created problems by forcing me to late sit and this and that. Thank God I have a supportive family and I was able to shut him up by completing my work.

As expected, even after completing all the conference work, I was treated like since I don’t do a lot of late sitting, I’m not ACTUALLY work. Do hell with them. I’ve got my kid to go home to.

Any hoo, I’m back now. Would be writing updates asap.




2 responses

22 04 2010
Nuttie Natters

Welcome back whiney!

23 04 2010

Thanks Nuttie! 🙂

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