22 04 2010

I’ve got news that my Sister-in-law and my best friend are expecting their second babies and are due in December. My bhabhi just had her second laparoscopy since the doctor wanted to check if her tubes were clear and all. I hope she brings good news soon.

I’ve already mentioned that my In-laws were planning to go visit Amreeka year end, resulting in my sending E to the daycare. Now since SIL is due in December, we are planning to send them in August or September so they can be back end November or beginning December and can then proceed to SIL’s city. I have no clue how I would handle with E but I hope to get used to it. That also means that E would be in daycare for close to 6 months and after that he would probably be ready for school. Ufff, so many things to see, God, how I would handle all this. I would be so jam packed. And I cannot call my mother here either because that would be wrong to my bhai and bhabhi to call her here for 6 months! Pray for me please, I’m already getting tensed.




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23 04 2010

woww congratulations to the wud-be-moms.
About E being in daycare,don’t get used it sooner than we do.And he will have so much fun with the other kids..he will be happy.
I hope you get used to it soon too..Hugs.

23 04 2010

Thanks sweety! 🙂

24 04 2010

Hi WM,

Don’t worry about day care, my son goes to daycare too….and he loves it…of course the initial days of crying/whining will be there, but then after that phase passes off in a week or so, he will start loving it……my son now wants to go on weekends also!! So it will be fine! Take care and have a good weekend 😀

26 04 2010

Thanks Deepa, I know I’m worrying for no apparent reason. Fingers crossed, I hope he loves it!

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