Daycare Dairies – the original post

27 04 2010

I finally went to check out the daycare centers around my office vicinity. I know it’s too early to even be checking them out but I worry too much. I just had to check for my self and put my mind at ease. I keep getting scared thinking the horror stories of what they could do to my kid. That’s why I paid a surprise visit to the one nearest to my office. It’s a 10 minutes drive and the place is VERY secure. It took a while getting there but eventually reached the center. After that they showed me around the rooms. It was a small and simple setup with not a lot of kids. The total strength they said was 19 and they’ve got 3 maids and 2 supervisors. The cost was also reasonable. They had a TV set and a small play area outside as well as inside. Overall, it was a simple setup with nothing fancy and good to go. We asked for the formalities that would need to be done and got back in car. My heart felt at ease as I could imagine E at this place.

At that time I had a random thought that I have another daycare center’s address and I asked Hubby how about we visit that one as well. He said it’s a little far but let’s go. Indeed it was like 20 minutes away from my office but we did find it. It was a 2 storey bungalow with the day care upstairs and my, what a center it was. It was a total Montessori setup and the place was fully carpeted with Loads of Montessori material. There was 2 toddlers roaming around and it had the total strength of 9 kids so far with 3 staff out of which one was a supervisor. I really liked it and was very impressed with the materials since I know E loves colorful things. It was really cool and it had a typical learning atmosphere. We thanked her and got back in the car.

Hubby and I looked at each other and said what do we do? I loved this place but it’s so far away that it’s so not fair for E to be out travelling for such a long time. Plus my office timings have changed now so I have to reach half an hour earlier as it is.

The first one was at a very safe place and it was a simple one and it’s comparatively closer to my office. The other one is farther but has a typical preschool material and environment. Any pointers?




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29 04 2010

Awww WM,I read all the posts about daycare thing and I can see how stressed you are.Big hugs for that.
As for all the options..if I were in your shoes,i would probably put Aadi in a day-care close to office.So,that if need be,I can get there quickly.Also,run surprise checks.As for the change in routine,it will take some time,but he will get used to it. Also,you can check,if you can pack his breakfast and feed it to him at the center.That way,you can spend some stress-free time with him at the daycare.
Calling the maid is a good option,but it wudnt work for this age.When she is a little older,may be..but not at this age.
What about Part-time working,if being a SAHM will drive you nuts?but let me tell u,being a SAHM means having no free time..specially when the kids are this,you will not get will go crazy at times,but not restless:)
And I so understand what u mean,when u are getting mad at others trying to make decisions for you..I hope when the time comes,you can take a decision,that you are happy with.

29 04 2010

Thanks a lot Trish! I AM very stressed. The worst part is whatever decision u make up ur mind for will have its pros and cons and EVERYONE will look at the cons… it is VERY frustrating but i guess the final decision will happen with time.

1 05 2010

The one closer to your office seems like a safer bet. You can always check on E- if need be.. Also I would think not to worry so much about Montessori material..

But then again, I am not sure how well suited I am to give such advice :D.. Just got married 4 months back..

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