Daycare Diaries

27 04 2010

I wrote a whole post on my trip to check for E’s daycare center but it somehow got deleted and I haven’t the energy to write it again. The jest is that I made the long awaited trip to 2 daycare centers.

One is nearby, simple and “Desi”.

The other one is farther, more preschool like which really nice Montessori material.

Which one should I go for?

Talking of preschool, I just can’t but whine. I’m already too unsure and nervous about it and the fact that everyone who hears I’ll be sending him to DC goes like, “School so early for this young a kid”, and I go like I’m the mother dammit, don’t you think I’m already too guilty. Do you think I would opt for it if I though it was not safe for him. And its just not outside people, it’s my family, my mother, father, my mil went like you better check it for yourself, my sil went like send him to me, I’ll take care of him (she’s in another city and expecting) and I’m like WTF! Why can’t you all just get on with your life and let me do what I think is best for my baby.

And to top it off, my mil took the liberty to ask our current maid if she would be willing to take care of E while MIL and FIL are gone. Since the maid is already home from 12:00 noon to evening, and is aware of E’s routine, MIL thinks this is a better option. I think it’s a safer option too since I wouldn’t have to drag E out so early in the morning. My only issue is that I know she wants what is best for E but doesn’t she think she needs to talk to us first before asking. She casually informed me on the phone that she has asked the maid. Ufff!




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