Random thoughts for E

27 04 2010

These were some of the random thoughts I had been pondering upon since getting back from the day care searches.

Day Care


  • They are specifically there for this purpose
  • I can make surprise visits to the place


  • Horror stories of what they can feed my kid
  • How they would be changing my kids’ habits
  • E would have to wake up so early to be fed breakfast and that would disturb his overall routine
  • His food will be cooked a night before



  • My kid gets to stay at home not disrupting his routine
  • His food will be cooked fresh


  • I cannot make surprise visits as my house is very far from the office
  • My current maid takes off very frequently

Leave the job and be a SAHM


  • I can be there for my child
  • His food will be cooked fresh
  • No disruption in his current routine


  • What happens when the 4 months are over? I get depressed staying at home when MIL is running around like she usually does
  • It would effect us in financial terms as we have yet to pay off the home loan to the friends we borrowed it from

Send the kid with the Grandparents


  • Nothing better then that


  • E is not their responsibility. It would be wrong if I expect them to tag along E wherever they go

Call my mom for 4 months


  • She is my mom and of course she’s used to E’s routine


  • It’s not practical
  • My bhabhi is not as accommodating as I am in sending the MIL to see her Daughter for so many months. My mom would have a problem when she gets back there.



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