Random bits and pieces

27 05 2010

Long break from blogging I know, just a little problems with wordpress and then didn’t feel like blogging.

OK at the work front, work is good. Not great but same old routine. What we are hearing is the lack of indiscipline amongst the female staff dealing with the immediate bosses. Today we were all called in for a small discussion with the BIG BOSS. We found out that some of the “Mothers” are using the mothering (aka breastfeeding) as an excuse for taking off from work for VERY long breaks. I know I breastfed till E was 7 months and started work at 3 months with myself pumping in at night, morning and as soon as I came back including breast feeding in the morning and don’t even get my started on what a hassle that was. Mothers are using it as an excuse for not putting in the required amount of hours at work and we have very strict work timings. I’m not at all against breast feeding since E was on both when he was very young and that’s the choice I made. What I don’t get is how can people even justify themselves not just to the bosses but to themselves when they are not putting the required hours on work while getting the normal pay. I mean it’s your “Rozi Roti (livelihood)” for God sake! If breast feeding is your priority then stay at home till the baby can be handled and work around it because you need to sort out your priorities else find a solution. And the people involved are not even ones who financially will suffer because of it. And “Soney pe suhaga(to top it off)” they even have the audacity of disrespecting elders when asked to find a solution! I just hate it when we cry on and on about women rights and feminism blah blah and end up taking advantage of it. They slander our name due to their habits. The BIG BOSS is very disappointed with the females because of a selected few “Mothers” and their constant problems.

E came to my office today because folk had some work to get done, which by the way, couldn’t get done. He was having a ball running around and was playing with EVERYONE. They all loved him and said the best part is that he comes to everyone. He Mashallah doesn’t have stranger anxiety.  I hope he has a great time at the daycare as well.

At the home level, things with Hubby are going shaky. We’re constantly fighting and I’m constantly crying and depressed. Tiny issues are blown out of proportion and we yell and fight and cry (me). I don’t know how much I can write about it but we do talk about tolerating each other more and then we’re not implementing what we discuss. Since E’s birth, I’ve felt that he has been less tolerant with me, although he does not admit this. We are civil right now and need to start getting our acts together else the grudges are not going anywhere.

That’s it for now, Adios!


The past weekend

18 05 2010

This past weekend was a busy one with us doing the shopping for MIL and FIL’s trip. Instead of jamming all the shopping sessions in one week with no rest, we thought we would utilize all the coming weekends and take it slowly. Even though the weekends are tiring, I’m glad I won’t be going crazy in the end.

E did a cute little surprise for us. We were having our dinner on Sunday night and E was sitting in FIL’s lap. We put a small plastic bowl and a spoon in front of him and he started using it. We also put a few bread pieces in it and what do you know, he started mashing them with the spoon just like we do with his porridge and egg. I had to bite my lips to shut up as dint want to disturb him. He continued doing that and then even went as far as to tilt the bowl like you do when there are only few more bites to go. Guess what he did after that, he tilted the bowl a little too much but then he thought he’s not getting the last bite of the (imaginary) food in his mouth so he tilted and kept the bowl directly on his mouth just like you would do to get the last bits off!! I burst out laughing, I couldn’t believe where he learnt the last bit from since he is mostly on solids and we don’t do this with him. This sudden burst of laughter distracted the little fellow and he looked up to me and laughed himself. He continued doing that for a while so he could get that laugh out of me. Adorable!!

Rant alert

13 05 2010

I’m beginning to worry again. Since E has started taking antibiotics, his fever has gone down, thank God, but his rash is spreading. I have read the symptoms of Measles; he had a high temp and now has a red rash spreading on his face. Ughhh I hate worrying so much. I specifically asked the Doc if E had Measles and he said this rash is a normal allergic rash and would go away with time. I don’t know why I keep feeling that the doc has not diagnosed correctly and he might have measles. I thought I should get a second opinion and discussed the same with hubby and he said we should consult a child specialist and get our minds at ease. Fair enough.

Called up MIL and instead of thrusting my decision on her, asked her what she thinks of the diagnosis. I think I was being very polite in asking that but she in turn was offended by it and said “We have seen the world and we’ve raised kids”. Then I very respectfully said that if you think he is fine then let’s leave it, and she said “NO, we should go now as you have doubts and if anything goes wrong you would blame me so go ahead and show him to another Doc”. WTF! What’s there to be offended about? He’s my son and I have a right to worry about him and get a second opinion if I have my doubts.

I try to be my best with her, support her decisions, respect her, help her as and when I can with the juggling act and even be happy for her and E when I clearly see my son more attached to her then myself. I still keep telling myself, babies just need love and his attachment with his Gma and Gpa is something I adore and don’t want to hinder it in any way. But then something like happens and I go maybe she has started owning the baby. Initially also we delayed going to the doc for 2 days even when E was touching 102 because she kept saying she does not want E to get Antibiotics as they are very harmful to the baby and keeps referring to my SIL and how she is handling her daughter that even though they live near a very good hospital, she has never given her daughter antibiotics no matter how ill she feels. In E’s case, he has an eczema which makes him prone to cough, cold and fever and no amount of “desi totkas” work on him. It’s not like I haven’t allowed her to give E home remedies but if those remedies worked on the SIL’s baby and didn’t work on mine and had to given antibiotics then is it my fault? I’ve come from a house where even if I sneezed a little, my dad would immediately take me to the doc and do as they say. Have I not changed myself enough that even after that I’ve adjusted myself to your “Say NO to docs till it’s the last resort” and let my child be miserable till it’s so high that hubby has to insist on taking E himself.  I always have to bear this condescending attitude of hers with regards to handling E specially. This has turned into an official rant about the MIL when it was all about E. See, such is her influence. I sometimes wish I were in a nuclear family setting where I’d have things my way and be satisfied with it. But then again I’m having one of my bad days and the head is just messed up.


Ok, I’m officially over the Rant phase and at peace. Things are better at the whiny household. We were unable to get E checked with that Doc as he was unavailable, but E’s rash is much better now Alhamdulillah. And he is slowly returning back to his naughty self, in fact getting naughtier by the day J Shuker Alhamdulillah


12 05 2010

I’ll just bullet point my updates today:

  • I finally took E to the Doc yesterday. On our way, E felt very VERY hot and he had a red rash on his face and body. When we got there, the doc said that, it’s a viral and ruled out measles and malaria… God I don’t believe how happy I am to hear the word VIRAL! Doc prescribed him to a week of antibiotics, and as much as I hate giving my baby antibiotic, it was actually necessary in this case.
  • Checked with MIL and found out that ShukerAlhamdulillah E’s temp is normal now, Thank God! He’s slowly coming back to his old self, running around and creating mischief. Last night he was so dull and felt so light it made me cry looking at him this dull. I missed my hyper active baby and prayed he would get back in track. He kept refusing food yesterday and generally was being a fussy eater which he, Touchwood, is NOT. At night, gave him half the serving of Cerelac, thinking even if he doesn’t take too much of it, he is bound to have his milk and as long as he is taking in small qty of milk every few hours, I’ll be satisfied with it. Though, he did vomit a little early morning at around 6:00 am and with MIL too when he gave him his milk but nothing serious since he also has cough as well so that makes him throw up.
  • We have finally decided on his daycare setting and even though FIL is frequently and now directly asking me if they can take him to USA, I know he adores him and E likewise but I and hubby would miss him just too much. Inshallah, the next time they go we would definitely think about this option.
  • The date is almost finalized and E would start his daycare in the next 3 months.
  • I have now started looking for a good playgroup for E but the best possible option which is like a walking distance from my office will take him from the next august when he will be 2.5 yrs. I know he will always have 6 months lag being a January born when all the sessions here start in august. I guess I’ll just have to wait till he’s 2.5 but not too worried about it. ALL would be well. For me he will be starting his school in the next 3 months, taking a 6 months break in January when MIL would be back after the delivery of my DIL and then starting his official SCHOOL in August Inshallah. I really don’t believe my baby is not a baby anymore!

Bad news

11 05 2010

Since the last 3 days E has been ill. Saturday night he felt a little hot, which he generally feels and is at a normal temperature but when we checked he at night again, he had a 100 degree temp. I gave him calpol and he slept the night. We didn’t think it was too serious and went about Sunday playing and running about at home. In the evening we went out and when we got home and checked, he has 102 degree which got us all worried. I gave him calpol and kept on giving it to him every 4 hours. Missed work yesterday and stayed with him, giving him medicine every 4 hours. He started feeling a little better and his temperature steadily kept going down and finally by the evening he was down to 99. Hubby came and he and E were playing and all was well. We checked again at 9:00 pm and it had gone up to 102 again. Damn, I have never been this scared in my life. I imagined it shooting up and started crying. All night I kept giving him the medicine but even in the morning, he was at 102. Another bad thing, he has a mosquito bite on his face.

The mosquito bites, and the rising temp in the evening is scaring me and I fear he might have malayria. Am at work now and E is sleeping. Will be going to Doctor when he gets up and will know what is wrong with him.

Please pray that it is just viral and nothing serious. Please!

The past weekend

4 05 2010

This last weekend was LONG, VERY LONG. And I enjoyed it to bits. We have just now started getting 2 weekly offs resulting in the glee of all of us tired souls. Recently E has started calling my MIL by her nickname. How did he come to know that? My FIL calls her by that name and Sunday evening he started chanting it and oh it was so adorable. MUAH!!

My hubby suffered an injury to his foot resulting in a bad infection on thumb nail of his foot. It was oozing pus when he got back home and he was in so much pain. Somehow we got through the weekend and went to the hospital on Monday. I was really hoping they’d take this nail off as it was giving problems to him for a while now, but the surgeon said that he would initially like to get rid of the infection and then think about taking it off. He prescribed 1000 gm of antibiotics and some painkillers for a week. My sweetheart is nauseas due to the heavy dose. I hope he gets well soon

Another thing that has been happening is that Hubby has been trying to convince me the whole weekend to let E go with MIL and FIL. He’s like he doesn’t prefer maid or the daycare option over his parents. I have to admit that they DO in fact love him loads and they have been constantly giving hints that they’d like to take him, specially the FIL. E is very attached to them and I am very nervous about handling E when he cannot see them around all day. But staying away from my kid for 3 whole months? Can I do that? Can I live without him for that long? If it were for a week or 2 weeks, I’d have said sure, No problem, I’ll bear it. But 3 months? What do u guys think?