The past weekend

4 05 2010

This last weekend was LONG, VERY LONG. And I enjoyed it to bits. We have just now started getting 2 weekly offs resulting in the glee of all of us tired souls. Recently E has started calling my MIL by her nickname. How did he come to know that? My FIL calls her by that name and Sunday evening he started chanting it and oh it was so adorable. MUAH!!

My hubby suffered an injury to his foot resulting in a bad infection on thumb nail of his foot. It was oozing pus when he got back home and he was in so much pain. Somehow we got through the weekend and went to the hospital on Monday. I was really hoping they’d take this nail off as it was giving problems to him for a while now, but the surgeon said that he would initially like to get rid of the infection and then think about taking it off. He prescribed 1000 gm of antibiotics and some painkillers for a week. My sweetheart is nauseas due to the heavy dose. I hope he gets well soon

Another thing that has been happening is that Hubby has been trying to convince me the whole weekend to let E go with MIL and FIL. He’s like he doesn’t prefer maid or the daycare option over his parents. I have to admit that they DO in fact love him loads and they have been constantly giving hints that they’d like to take him, specially the FIL. E is very attached to them and I am very nervous about handling E when he cannot see them around all day. But staying away from my kid for 3 whole months? Can I do that? Can I live without him for that long? If it were for a week or 2 weeks, I’d have said sure, No problem, I’ll bear it. But 3 months? What do u guys think?




4 responses

4 05 2010

That’s serious dilemma you are into…every Mom faces this..but 3 months is really a long time to keep your baby away 🙂

5 05 2010

I know and i just cant imagine keeping him away this long:(

6 05 2010

Oh man, I dont think I could do it. Now when she is three and I am pregnant and tired, maybe I could 🙂 especially if she happily chipkofies (sticks) to my parents and gladly goes with them….

But if you trust your in laws and everyone is okay with the arrangement, then it should be nice. Grandparents will also get a chance to bond more with their grandchild..

7 05 2010

If I were pregnant then i would’ve gladly sent him… 😦 but i cant 😦 il miss him too much!!! 😥

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