Bad news

11 05 2010

Since the last 3 days E has been ill. Saturday night he felt a little hot, which he generally feels and is at a normal temperature but when we checked he at night again, he had a 100 degree temp. I gave him calpol and he slept the night. We didn’t think it was too serious and went about Sunday playing and running about at home. In the evening we went out and when we got home and checked, he has 102 degree which got us all worried. I gave him calpol and kept on giving it to him every 4 hours. Missed work yesterday and stayed with him, giving him medicine every 4 hours. He started feeling a little better and his temperature steadily kept going down and finally by the evening he was down to 99. Hubby came and he and E were playing and all was well. We checked again at 9:00 pm and it had gone up to 102 again. Damn, I have never been this scared in my life. I imagined it shooting up and started crying. All night I kept giving him the medicine but even in the morning, he was at 102. Another bad thing, he has a mosquito bite on his face.

The mosquito bites, and the rising temp in the evening is scaring me and I fear he might have malayria. Am at work now and E is sleeping. Will be going to Doctor when he gets up and will know what is wrong with him.

Please pray that it is just viral and nothing serious. Please!




3 responses

11 05 2010

My prayers and good wishes to little E, he will be fine and running happily very soon. 🙂

You stay strong, k?

11 05 2010

I’m trying my best… :)Thanks a lot AHK!

11 05 2010
Nuttie Natters

Hey whiny…best of luck…dont worry babe…am sure he will be better soon!

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