12 05 2010

I’ll just bullet point my updates today:

  • I finally took E to the Doc yesterday. On our way, E felt very VERY hot and he had a red rash on his face and body. When we got there, the doc said that, it’s a viral and ruled out measles and malaria… God I don’t believe how happy I am to hear the word VIRAL! Doc prescribed him to a week of antibiotics, and as much as I hate giving my baby antibiotic, it was actually necessary in this case.
  • Checked with MIL and found out that ShukerAlhamdulillah E’s temp is normal now, Thank God! He’s slowly coming back to his old self, running around and creating mischief. Last night he was so dull and felt so light it made me cry looking at him this dull. I missed my hyper active baby and prayed he would get back in track. He kept refusing food yesterday and generally was being a fussy eater which he, Touchwood, is NOT. At night, gave him half the serving of Cerelac, thinking even if he doesn’t take too much of it, he is bound to have his milk and as long as he is taking in small qty of milk every few hours, I’ll be satisfied with it. Though, he did vomit a little early morning at around 6:00 am and with MIL too when he gave him his milk but nothing serious since he also has cough as well so that makes him throw up.
  • We have finally decided on his daycare setting and even though FIL is frequently and now directly asking me if they can take him to USA, I know he adores him and E likewise but I and hubby would miss him just too much. Inshallah, the next time they go we would definitely think about this option.
  • The date is almost finalized and E would start his daycare in the next 3 months.
  • I have now started looking for a good playgroup for E but the best possible option which is like a walking distance from my office will take him from the next august when he will be 2.5 yrs. I know he will always have 6 months lag being a January born when all the sessions here start in august. I guess I’ll just have to wait till he’s 2.5 but not too worried about it. ALL would be well. For me he will be starting his school in the next 3 months, taking a 6 months break in January when MIL would be back after the delivery of my DIL and then starting his official SCHOOL in August Inshallah. I really don’t believe my baby is not a baby anymore!



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