Rant alert

13 05 2010

I’m beginning to worry again. Since E has started taking antibiotics, his fever has gone down, thank God, but his rash is spreading. I have read the symptoms of Measles; he had a high temp and now has a red rash spreading on his face. Ughhh I hate worrying so much. I specifically asked the Doc if E had Measles and he said this rash is a normal allergic rash and would go away with time. I don’t know why I keep feeling that the doc has not diagnosed correctly and he might have measles. I thought I should get a second opinion and discussed the same with hubby and he said we should consult a child specialist and get our minds at ease. Fair enough.

Called up MIL and instead of thrusting my decision on her, asked her what she thinks of the diagnosis. I think I was being very polite in asking that but she in turn was offended by it and said “We have seen the world and we’ve raised kids”. Then I very respectfully said that if you think he is fine then let’s leave it, and she said “NO, we should go now as you have doubts and if anything goes wrong you would blame me so go ahead and show him to another Doc”. WTF! What’s there to be offended about? He’s my son and I have a right to worry about him and get a second opinion if I have my doubts.

I try to be my best with her, support her decisions, respect her, help her as and when I can with the juggling act and even be happy for her and E when I clearly see my son more attached to her then myself. I still keep telling myself, babies just need love and his attachment with his Gma and Gpa is something I adore and don’t want to hinder it in any way. But then something like happens and I go maybe she has started owning the baby. Initially also we delayed going to the doc for 2 days even when E was touching 102 because she kept saying she does not want E to get Antibiotics as they are very harmful to the baby and keeps referring to my SIL and how she is handling her daughter that even though they live near a very good hospital, she has never given her daughter antibiotics no matter how ill she feels. In E’s case, he has an eczema which makes him prone to cough, cold and fever and no amount of “desi totkas” work on him. It’s not like I haven’t allowed her to give E home remedies but if those remedies worked on the SIL’s baby and didn’t work on mine and had to given antibiotics then is it my fault? I’ve come from a house where even if I sneezed a little, my dad would immediately take me to the doc and do as they say. Have I not changed myself enough that even after that I’ve adjusted myself to your “Say NO to docs till it’s the last resort” and let my child be miserable till it’s so high that hubby has to insist on taking E himself.  I always have to bear this condescending attitude of hers with regards to handling E specially. This has turned into an official rant about the MIL when it was all about E. See, such is her influence. I sometimes wish I were in a nuclear family setting where I’d have things my way and be satisfied with it. But then again I’m having one of my bad days and the head is just messed up.


Ok, I’m officially over the Rant phase and at peace. Things are better at the whiny household. We were unable to get E checked with that Doc as he was unavailable, but E’s rash is much better now Alhamdulillah. And he is slowly returning back to his naughty self, in fact getting naughtier by the day J Shuker Alhamdulillah




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