The past weekend

18 05 2010

This past weekend was a busy one with us doing the shopping for MIL and FIL’s trip. Instead of jamming all the shopping sessions in one week with no rest, we thought we would utilize all the coming weekends and take it slowly. Even though the weekends are tiring, I’m glad I won’t be going crazy in the end.

E did a cute little surprise for us. We were having our dinner on Sunday night and E was sitting in FIL’s lap. We put a small plastic bowl and a spoon in front of him and he started using it. We also put a few bread pieces in it and what do you know, he started mashing them with the spoon just like we do with his porridge and egg. I had to bite my lips to shut up as dint want to disturb him. He continued doing that and then even went as far as to tilt the bowl like you do when there are only few more bites to go. Guess what he did after that, he tilted the bowl a little too much but then he thought he’s not getting the last bite of the (imaginary) food in his mouth so he tilted and kept the bowl directly on his mouth just like you would do to get the last bits off!! I burst out laughing, I couldn’t believe where he learnt the last bit from since he is mostly on solids and we don’t do this with him. This sudden burst of laughter distracted the little fellow and he looked up to me and laughed himself. He continued doing that for a while so he could get that laugh out of me. Adorable!!




5 responses

18 05 2010

Was blog-hopping and came here. Wanted to say, I love your header 🙂

18 05 2010

Thanks a lot Chinkurli! I love your name!!! 😀

20 05 2010

woww soo cool!!

25 05 2010

Jumped from DI’s…. and need I say found E adorable ??? *kaala tika* 🙂

25 05 2010

Thank you so much Sagarika, and Welcome!

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