Random bits and pieces

27 05 2010

Long break from blogging I know, just a little problems with wordpress and then didn’t feel like blogging.

OK at the work front, work is good. Not great but same old routine. What we are hearing is the lack of indiscipline amongst the female staff dealing with the immediate bosses. Today we were all called in for a small discussion with the BIG BOSS. We found out that some of the “Mothers” are using the mothering (aka breastfeeding) as an excuse for taking off from work for VERY long breaks. I know I breastfed till E was 7 months and started work at 3 months with myself pumping in at night, morning and as soon as I came back including breast feeding in the morning and don’t even get my started on what a hassle that was. Mothers are using it as an excuse for not putting in the required amount of hours at work and we have very strict work timings. I’m not at all against breast feeding since E was on both when he was very young and that’s the choice I made. What I don’t get is how can people even justify themselves not just to the bosses but to themselves when they are not putting the required hours on work while getting the normal pay. I mean it’s your “Rozi Roti (livelihood)” for God sake! If breast feeding is your priority then stay at home till the baby can be handled and work around it because you need to sort out your priorities else find a solution. And the people involved are not even ones who financially will suffer because of it. And “Soney pe suhaga(to top it off)” they even have the audacity of disrespecting elders when asked to find a solution! I just hate it when we cry on and on about women rights and feminism blah blah and end up taking advantage of it. They slander our name due to their habits. The BIG BOSS is very disappointed with the females because of a selected few “Mothers” and their constant problems.

E came to my office today because folk had some work to get done, which by the way, couldn’t get done. He was having a ball running around and was playing with EVERYONE. They all loved him and said the best part is that he comes to everyone. He Mashallah doesn’t have stranger anxiety.  I hope he has a great time at the daycare as well.

At the home level, things with Hubby are going shaky. We’re constantly fighting and I’m constantly crying and depressed. Tiny issues are blown out of proportion and we yell and fight and cry (me). I don’t know how much I can write about it but we do talk about tolerating each other more and then we’re not implementing what we discuss. Since E’s birth, I’ve felt that he has been less tolerant with me, although he does not admit this. We are civil right now and need to start getting our acts together else the grudges are not going anywhere.

That’s it for now, Adios!




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