Another bullet point update…

9 06 2010

Hey there my 2 and half readers! Sorry to keep you waiting J lol

Yea I know I’ve been missing in action again but let’s get used to it nowJ it’s going to be another bullet point update as the happenings are very random.

  • My brother’s wife and my niece are here for their vacations. They’ll be here for a week out of which 5 have gone and 2 more left. The kids are driving me nuts as both want to have the same thing at the same time and my E being a stubborn young boy is taking to screaming bloody murder when the niece is being stubborn and not giving him the toys. Even though the niece is 6 years but still acts stubborn when asked to give the toy to the “baby brother”. Just goes to show that no matter what the gap is between kids, they will act like “KIDS”! Pushing, shoving and screaming are the norm since the last 5 days.
  • My SIL’s problem is 50 % solved and they might be heading to stay with us for a month or so in July. Her daughter is 4 years old and extremely attached to my hubby. I’m gearing up for point no. 2 with a vengeance. J
  • My MIL has been acting a little weird since my niece came in. Either that or she’s ill. She says the latter but my mind goes overtime with negative thoughts of the sort that she’s having problems with bhabhi and niece coming in, or maybe she doesn’t like the niece hitting and screaming so much, or its too much work to the take care of them, etc. Only time will tell.
  • I’ve been feeling very guilty for not being able to spend a lot of time with the guests, not as much as I’d like to. I’ve realized I don’t like having MY guests over with MIL here. She doesn’t say anything but she gets quieter. Blessing in disguise I guess. The less you say the fewer problems there are. In order to spend more time with them, I’ve been staying up late and talking and having a “Hangover” the next morning :p
  • We were initially planning on taking them to a hill station for a day trip and it got postponed last Sunday due to our Water supply problems which managed to keep hubby busy the whole of SUNDAY! URGHHHH! So I and hubby are taking tomorrow off and would enjoy there.
  • We’re on a house hunt! Finally! We live in the suburbs and are too far away from the city. Our traveling is fine if it’s just the office but we also go to our community center every evening and get back very late and get absolutely no rest. So now when we’re thinking of E’s schooling, I don’t think I want him to do this much traveling. We’re looking for something within our budget. Fingers crossed.
  • I’ve noticed in the last week since the niece came in that E has been screaming and crying a LOT. Jealous? Maybe.



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