Pointless post

14 06 2010

Hubby is out of town for office work and he’ll be gone for 3 days, and the worst part is he will be meeting my folks and I wont  I wish niece had stayed while he was gone to keep me company.
I’m really sad. Plus, I have also not been too well. I have flu and had fever all through Friday. Suffice it to say that I survived the weekend with an energetic toddler MA.
The worst part about hubby not being in town is bearing MIL’s sulking face alone. She’s still not well but when I do try to show my concern and give her medicine, she is expressionless and nonchalant about it. And I end up hating myself for even trying. I guess the best thing to do is to be quiet and get through this time without any harm.
It’s a totally pointless post, just wanted to vent. Pray for me!




One response

14 06 2010

the three days will be over before you know! Hang in there.

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