Sick and missing hubby

15 06 2010

I’m terribly sick and missing the hubby L and E has an eczema outburst. Yesterday passed by uneventfully with MIL picking me up after office and us going for a few things those need to be bought for in laws’ trip. Got back home late and till then I was almost fainting with the throat pain. Just did not have any strength left. Got through with dinner and took E up but as usual when I’m feeling too tired, he has to bug the hell out by jumping around. During the night he woke once and since I had had cough medicine I had absolutely no energy to pat him to sleep so bought him in bed and slept the remaining SMALL night. E has started getting the tiny little spots on his face and resembles an allergic reaction from his eczema. I’m really of his allergies because I have no idea what ticks this reaction. We hardly change his menu plus the doctor also said it will get better with time and he just needs to be moisturized properly. I used the johnsons shampoo on him twice after a yr’s usage of a specialized moisturizing shampoo. Maybe that’s the reason why he has this allergy. Plus he is scratching his forehead and hair a lot too.

Anyway, got through the night but was unable to sleep peacefully because of the dry, irritating and non-productive cough. When I reached office, I felt as if I would just die from the head and throat ache. Told driver to get me 2 medicines at work and almost died with drowsiness. But it was a magical medicine and I suddenly feel the strength to work and write a POST!

I need to rest and will try to do so tonight and I hope E cooperates with me. 2 days and 1 night down, 1 night and 1 day to go. Hubby reaches tomorrow night! Yoohoo!




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