Yet another allergy attack…

21 06 2010

E is having another one of his allergies. URrgghhhh… I am so clueless! What is he allergic to? He’s been itchy all over and fussy and the weather is TERRIBLE! Too many things… Everyone is saying stop his morning egg as its too hot so we’ve stopped it for now and I really hope he gets better.

Its been a week now since the maid showed up. Sick. And today the driver didn’t show up. Gosh! are they all planning to boycott us all together. Wish we didn’t have to depend on outside help so much.

Since the absence of maid, MIL has been washing the dishes and sweeping the ground floor as much as she can but saturday I mopped the floors and washed the bathrooms after ages, almost breaking the back.

Speaking of the back, I and MIL went to this homepathic doctor a few days back for my backpain and her handpain. As expected, he said both of us need supplements and are deficient in Calcium and minerals. Oh well, lets see what these medicines.




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