Bad mommy?

28 06 2010

I’ve been deliberating talking about this particular topic. My SIL has just gotten separated from her MIL. They had quite a few issues and we’re right on with her to get separated ASAP. Now since the house changing she’s been after the Hubby and MIL to come visit and particularly mentioned bring E. After many discussions we finally decided we would send them for a week. The point of my deliberation is that many people have an issue with you sending your kids away from yourself. Even though I know I’ll miss E like anything, this time I’m not overreacting like the world in crashing or something like I used to think? And then I thought, I’m away from E for almost 10 hours on a good day so what is wrong if travels with his daddi and gets to meet nana nani and so many more relatives. I talk about sending the kid abroad for studies and cant even handle him being away fro a week.

But what pisses me off is the LOOK people give as if we’re the world’s Worst parents who are sending their kid away. I need to clarify it to them that I’m sending him by “choice” not because I have to since no one’s there to take care of him. I would have gladly sent him to daycare right away which he has to eventually start after a month.

I think it’s actually a good idea as the weekend they will be gone is a particularly busy weekend and he would have been very VERY cranky if he were to be dragged everyone around with us. It would also do us good as I’d get my required rest and get over the sleep deprivation so I think there’s no harm.

You guys tell me; do I appear to be really cold hearted if I send my kid away for a week?




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29 06 2010

Hey WM,

No way…… are definitely not a bad mommy, in fact a very practical one! You can send E with his grandparents, there is no issue at all!!! I just sent my 4 yr old son for his summer vacation to coimbatore where my inlaws stay. He was with them for 3 weeks and came back here just before his school reopened. My point is that just because myself and my hubby have things at work to deal with does not definitely mean that children be deprived of their share of fun!! We weren’t able to go for the vacation with him, but sent him with my inlaws when they had come here in May. And he had loads of fun there!!!! So don’t worry, just send him!!

1 07 2010

Thanks a lot Deepa! I know for sure he will have loads of fun there. The whole family is there! 🙂

2 07 2010

Tagged! 😀

2 07 2010

you’ve been tagged 🙂

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