A Jinxed weekend

5 07 2010

Last week, I and hubby planned to take an outstation trip with E. The place is round about 4 hours drive so I took an off on Friday and hubby took a half day off. I got up early in the morning to get things packed and we took off at around 1:00 pm. We had our reservations at the best hotel in that city and since it was our first outing as a family, just the 3 of us, we were ecstatic.

Little did we know that we’d be the ones jinxing it…!

Our ride was good as E chose to sleep in the starting but got up after an hour and then there was no end to his fidgeting. I regret scolding him a no. of times to sit still but he just would not. As soon as we reached the hotel, he had this glint in his eyes look at the lobby and reception. He ran in his spree making rounds and pointing at the fishes “thish” as he says. He was ecstatic to see the elevator and kept saying up and down! We reached our room and he had a ball there.

The markets here close down early so we unpacked in the room and got ready to leave. Reached the market and most of the lights there were off so we made sure not to let E run on his own and Hubby held him by one hand and I held him by the other. As is his habit, when he is held by both hands, he tends to drag his feet like he bends his knees so we have to drag him. We got our shopping done and were roaming around some more when I thought enough of dragging E.

I dropped the stuff I was holding and starting to pick E when he started howling like anything, in a minute he was crying like he was in pain. I made him stand and asked him what was wrong. He is unable to talk properly yet so he managed to point from his right hand towards his left hand and we noticed he was not moving his left hand, AT ALL. He just would not stop crying and I knew for sure that something’s wrong with his arm. Either his shoulder is pulled or is his elbow. It was a new city for us so we didn’t know of any good hospital there. We asked around a bit and they pointed to the one right next to the market. We rushed there and E would still not stop crying and I just could not stop my tears. The doctor order his X-Ray and the results came out fine. He was given panadol to dull his pain and they put in a sling on him and my hyper active boy, the boy who is unable to sit still for a minute would not object to wearing a SLING! It was like my worst nightmare!

As we got in the car, we gave him some milk and he fell asleep. We didn’t know what to do. Should we stay or leave.  We though of getting a second opinion and got to another hospital and they said the same thing looking at the X-Ray that everything is fine just keep the sling on and give him pain killers.

We got back to the room when he started getting back to normal, still not lifting the left hand but nevertheless running around which put us a little at ease and we thought to spend the night there. After playing a while in the room, he slept between us. In the middle of the night, he wanted to turn his side but was unable to do it on his own so we helped him with him but he was still crying in pain and we gave him some panadol again. Again a few hours later he wanted to turn though this time he went back to sleep without having to give him painkiller. In the morning, we went down to have breakfast and apart from not moving his left hand which was in the sling, he was pretty much his usual self. We went to the pool side where he wanted to jump and roamed around the hotel and he was in good spirits. After we got back in the room, we got him in back and started putting warm water on his left hand to sooth the pain. He was the usual fund self and we all started playing in the tub. After that we decided we should leave the show him to a proper orthopedic doctor. Checked out, got in the car and were on our way. He slept in quite quickly and slept for quite some time around 1.5 – 2 hours. The MIL had gotten us an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon and we were to reach max by 6 pm. We got a little late and reached by 6:30 and had even gotten calls twice that the doctor was waiting.

As soon as we reached, the doctor saw us. I kept praying to God please make my baby well I hope he starts being his naughty self again. I was hoping for a miracle. The doctor called me and asked what actually happened. I told him everything as well as showed the X-Ray. He smiled as said there was no need for an X-Ray. Kids below 3 years of age haven’t even developed their joints so there is no meaning of X-Ray. He took E’s elbow in one hand and his wrist in one hand and kept his ear near the elbow. He turn his wrist clockwise and then anticlockwise and he heard a click and let his hand go. E was still scared and crying and ran out as soon as he was let go. In a minute he was back smiling and playing and he had gotten rid of the sling and was talking to us and using BOTH his hands. I can’t describe in words what a moment it was. I couldn’t believe my eyes that just 5 minutes ago he was crying in pain and now he’s running around and trying to kiss a big kid in the clinic holding him with BOTH his hands.

Now I’ll never complain about how naughty my baby is. Shukar Alhamdulillah!




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