8 07 2010

I’ve planned on blogging for all the 9 days that E is gone. Dropped off E and MIL to the airport and E is not even bothered to go away from his parents 😦 Well its not like he understands much. He’s just happy to be exploring new places. We bid him farewell and headed to my office. On my way I thought since I’m already running late, might as well get done with E’s day care admissions. Finally, I paid the registration fee and got their brochure. I was glad to see that they are teaching Montessori stuff in school and the place is so homely looking and the maids and all are also very friendly. Fingers crossed, I hope he loves it enough so that I can send him for half the days even when in laws are back. The strength is like 12 and the kids there were also playing and having a good time. Anyway, as told to us by MIL, E slept through the whole flight, Touchwood! And then on reaching SIL places, is happily playing with his cousin. He missed me just a tad little when he went for boarding and all and then in the plane when he started saying Mamma Mamma but All is well now. I just spoke with him and he called out mamma mamma but is more interested in playing with the cousin so I’m glad I let him go. As for me, I’m missing him terribly but am better after hearing that he is not missing us much and is having a great time. There wont be much to do at home so It’ll just be resting from my side.




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