9 07 2010

God I was so bored out of my mind not knowing what to do with all the time. Hubby picked me from work and we headed home half expecting to be greeted by a chubby hug and kiss but it was empty L

Anyways, since the food was left over from yesterday we heated it and had our dinner at 6:30. I cooked food for the next night and we left. It felt so weird to be sitting peacefully without someone wriggling around. Got back by 9 and busied ourselves with the next day preps. I took a long leisurely bath without being interrupted by the bang of MAMAMAMA and I suddenly it wasn’t so peaceful.

I’m just thinking when parents send their kids for foreign education, what they must be going through. Its tough being alone after all the time spent with the baby, and it’s very boring.

I suddenly was at a loss to know which program to watch while there was no one to snatch the remote and change the channel!

The whole night after regular intervals I would get up to pat E and would notice no E on the cot! Ah 2 down 7 to go!

*includes last nights update

Update :  Just found out from SIL that E slept quite late and started playing again after taking his 11 pm milk. But then didn’t bother much afterwards.




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