a confusing weekend

19 07 2010

I’m having one of those bad days where I see the negative in everything. I’ve been feeling very down since morning and thought if I jotted down my thoughts, maybe you guys would help me see the positive in it somewhere.

As I mentioned before, E came back from his week long trip and the kind of enthusiasm we wished to see upon seeing the parents was not to be. He glanced and then turned another way. Only after a few minutes would he acknowledge our presence and bestow us his smiles. On reaching home and getting over with the normal chores, we went upstairs to put him to sleep. The weather has been extremely hot the last week and with the frequent power cuts, it’s becoming impossible to live with out AC. Plus, our room is in such a location where it is easily the HOTTEST room in summers and the COLDEST room in winters. As soon as we put E to sleep, our bad luck that the power went out and upon enquiry we found out that it was a long fault and there would be no power for a few hours. After the UPS battery went out, Hubby did the most logical thing he could. He picked E up and put him to sleep between MIL and FIL since their room has the most favorable conditions during such extreme weathers. Even when the light came back, hubby insisted that leave E there as our room would take min an hour to cool down. I said ok but did not want to sleep without E another night.

The next day even if I was really glad of having E back, the MIL was discreetly giving hints that the house was not clean enough, the fridge was not stocked enough, and heck the atta was finished too. And I silently went on seething that doesn’t she realize I’m out of house till evening and then am only home for an hour before leaving again for the community center and then get home late bone tired that I need time to figure what needs to be stocked and what not. Then she started cribbing about the maid not doing her job and that I need to check it. Lady, how can I check when I’m out when she comes. I’m very relaxed about the housekeeping and all and she’s quite uptight. Even when hubby asked what was wrong with me I just changed the topic. He doesn’t exactly take such things too well.

And last night again the power cuts so hubby said that lets move the mattress in the in laws’ room and sleep together so we could at least catch a few winks. I was very reluctant about it but gave in because of E as he had all those pores on his face due to summer. While trying to put E to sleep, he started crying as he is not used to sleeping with me so the MIL got the chance to take him with her once again. I felt so devastated. It’s not like she’s trying to take him but I feel like E doesn’t need me anymore. Whenever I’m trying to put E to sleep, if he cries, she takes him from me and puts him to sleep. And since E is with the MIL most of the time, he prefers going to her.

I don’t know what I should feel. I agreed to share the same room so my son could have a better quality sleep. Did I do anything wrong? I sent E for a week’s trip so he could meet the cousins and relatives and more so his nana nani, did I do anything wrong? Too many questions I have which are upsetting me. I’m not telling hubby much about it as his parents will be going to Amreeka in 2 weeks so what’s the point of cribbing when I’ll be getting after 2 weeks? Should I be letting her know that this is my way of doing things and get ready to have a distance between myself and hubby?




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19 07 2010
Nuttie Natters

hey w- am sure e will start needing u soon. He probably needs some time. And with the in laws gone in two weeks he will be back to mommy dearest 🙂 cheer up

19 07 2010

Hmm, these kind of feelings are so common I think. But remember that all this is just temporaray and after a while it will only be mom! So just wait out the 2 weeks….!

20 07 2010

Keeping my fingers crossed! Thanks a lot you both! 🙂

20 07 2010

I think this is all about time..Kids do have very short memory..once your in-laws are gone he will miss them for few days..after that he will be all your’s..till that time let him enjoy with his grandparents 🙂

21 07 2010

Hmmm… you’re right… Thanks 🙂

22 07 2010

Hey WM,

Don’t worry, this is a passing phase, happens to all children who have working mothers! The stage after this is that he will start clinging to you more than you can imagine. The same thing happened in my son’s case, I used to leave him with my in-laws too…..and he used to behave in exactly the same way that you have described in your post…..he will definitely change………probably that your inlaws are indulgent with him? thats how mine were……thats why I am saying this. And we are too tired to be indulgent when we come back from work! What say? Totally my views….feel free to disagree……

23 07 2010

Indulgent, I guess they are since he’s the only kid at home. Ofcourse, he’s the ladla of everyone, and i tend to be a little strict with rules. But yea I guess I should be prepared for the constant clinging as they would be gone by the next week and it’ll just be me and him then!

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