First Day at Day care

26 07 2010

E had his first day at the Daycare center. Since the MIL is still here but we want him to get used to the environment.

First up, I woke him up at 7:30, got him ready, said goodbyes and packed off to the center by giving him his morning milk. When we reached the place, he was initially shy of being with the other kids but they were a welcoming lot and he soon forgot all about us and went about playing. We left after giving instructions. When I called after an hour, they said he didn’t like the breakfast so we’re giving him some milk. Since it was his first day, it will take just a little time for him to adjust. I called back after 1.5-2 hours later and they said he had gobbled up his lunch and is relaxed now.  We went to pick him up early and he was lying on the floor with all the kids running around. He looked tired as was up early and hadn’t slept till now. As soon as he saw us, he smiled and ran towards us and hugged.

The supervisor said that as a first day, he had been a very good boy which kids like him are not as they get cranky and all, Mashallah. I felt so bad while leaving him there, I felt like crying.

As soon as he got in the car, he closed his eyes and fell asleep exhausted. Hubby took him home and dropped me back at work. On reaching home, he had pooped again and had so many rashes. I’m not sure if it’s because of not cleaning the earlier poop or what. As soon as he reached home, I got relaxed and concentrated on my work which was impossible to do while he was at the center.

I’m really contemplating on what to do. Am I doing the right thing?




2 responses

26 07 2010

I hope he feels better. First days are hard. You might have to find out about the rash and see why they did not clean his earlier poo. I hope things get easier as they go…

27 07 2010

The second day was even more tough. He cried so hard when we left 😥 Made my heart ache and I wanted to leave everything and be with him. I dunno how I’m going to deal with it.

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