Day 2

28 07 2010

Day 2 started off with E letting go of our hand to go join his friends in the daycare. A wave of relief washed over us and we handed over his food items to the nanny. This is when I made the biggest mistake ever by saying TATA to him. Oh my God, after that there was no stopping his cries. He was shouting and shouting and it got impossible for me to leave. Then I again made another mistake by going back in there to console him. Somehow we managed to leave but still he was in his crying mood. After we reached office, I called them and they said he’s better now and trying to eat his breakfast by watching the TV. He managed to play outside in the rain and managed to sleep there for an hour too. I was somewhat relieved but am still concerned about E not getting his sleep. We had to go out for a dinner last night and he was being so weird there. He’s generally so friendly and happy and he was being so clingy last night due to lack of sleep. Plus we reached home really late and E slept late and was restless the whole night. Plus he started having flu too. We left him home with MIL today so he doesn’t fall sick before they leave but Hubby and I are really concerned. My only concern is, if he is not getting enough sleep then he won’t be my happy baby. Hubby and I are seriously thinking in lines of my dropping work. 6 months is a pretty long time and I will just not be able to tolerate if he has some nature changes.




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