26 08 2010

I guess I’ll just be doing a bullet point update today:

  • E’s Mashallah doing well in his daycare and has started saying a lot of words like
    • Bur : Bird
    • Ca :  Cat  – Sound is Meow
    • Doo : Dog – Sound is Booo
    • Cao : Cow – Sound is Moo
    • Apane – Airplane
    • Shish – Fish
    • Mama
    • Baba
    • Dadu
    • Dadi
    • Nana
    • Nani
    • Hoss : Horse
    • Shoo : Shoe
    • Shou : Shop
    • Ho : Home
    • Baby
    • Caaa : Car
    • Shmau : Small
    • Bii : Big
    • Up
    • Dow : Down
    • Ships: Chips
    • Foo : Food
    • Doo : Milk
    • Pooh: Water
    • Fou : Phone
    • Botter : Bottle
    • Cook cook koo : Cuckarookoo
    • Pen : Open
    • Cose : Close
    • Barney (our favourite)
    • Tuter : Turtle
    • Pon pon Phia (I have absolutely no idea what it means)
    • E has officially started his Terrible Twos because he has gotten so STUBBORN. He’d throw a tantrum at the slightest of thing and has to cry for EVERYTHING. On top of that he has a cough and flu since the last week so has been very difficult food and sleep wise. I’ve changed his breakfast to weetabix for the last 2 days and was wondering if it’s a healthy and filling breakfast or not. Please let me know mothers.
    • Work wise things are better, many employees have been laid off but seems like we might be a little safe.
    • I’m getting better and better at cooking J and love doing it too.
    • Went to my doctor for my recurring back problem and after his thorough checkup he concluded that it’s just my bad posture and too much of sitting time in the office that is causing so much of back pain. HAH! Tell me something I don’t know 😉
    • I’ve concluded that my kids cannot EVER come in the school routine due to the fact that 3 days we will be home in time and 4th day we will reach home late and everything would be messed up. I’ve decided that I will try my best to be home in time but won’t torture myself with it. Plus its ramzan now so the afternoons nap routine is messed up. E is sleeping in the morning and then again in evening so I’m hoping it will all be better after he goes back to his full day routine.
    • I really want to go see my parents at Eid but damn the tickets are expensive!! Urgghh… Plus we’re really planning on taking an international break on our 4th anniversary so saving up for that. I’m so jealous of women who have their folks nearby 😥
    • In laws are doing well in USA. We talk to them almost every other day and they are having fun


18 08 2010

I got Promoted!! 😀

And 400+ people got laid off!

I’m safe for the time being but not for too long. This wait is killing me and I’m getting way to frustrated. Boss keeps getting on my nerves by saying again and again that time is not far and be prepared! Urgghhh I wish he’d just give me the notice and I can go on and relax with E!

No need to say anything anymore.

Tough times

12 08 2010

E’s been extremely sick these 5-6 days. He had a terrible bout of gastroenteritis and was constantly either puking everything that went inside his body or passing watery stools. He was sick since Thursday and the whole night he was up hour after hour puking bile as his stomach was completely empty. It was such a scary night for us. Plus he has a temperature too so double the trouble.

We took him to the doctor next day and he gave E a shot to stop the vomiting as he was throwing up the medicine too. My poor baby was so hungry and of course lethargic due to the entire diarrhea and vomiting. I don’t even want to remember how bad a time that was. I took an off on Friday so I could stay with him. I had a proposal due on Monday and had to go to work. Got through with the office work but E was still not too active. On Tuesday he vomited in the morning and in the car when we were dropping him at daycare and he also had a slight fever. I took leave from work and rushed him to the doctor only to find E playing around happily in the doctor’s office. I headed home with him and we both slept while hugging each other. Hubby told me to take off the next day so its safer for him to resume daycare from ramzan as we’ll as it is be having a half day. Slowly he has started eating fruits and his food. And yes my staying at home played such a major role in him getting better. Alhamdulillah he’s much better now. And I’m so sure that it’s all because he is missing his grand parents so much.

Handling it

4 08 2010

Mashallah, E is adjusting well to the whole full day at the day care schedule, more so because touchwood he falls asleep for the major part of the afternoon.

Yesterday he came home with a honey bee sting on his hand. This is twice after joining the day care. He’s had one before the day care too which was when he was playing outside a lot. It makes my heart ache to see his hand like that and since I generally tend to get very rude in interrogating the staff about E’s well being, I told hubby to talk to them. If not for day care, E is generally up to some naughtiness and comes up with newer ways to putting himself in danger. He just wont sit still but Alhamdulillah as I’ve seen him sit still when he had his elbow pulled and I didn’t like it one bit.

We’re generally up and on the go by 7:00 when E wakes up. We get out of the house by 7:45 max without any of us having any breakfast as E eats his breakfast at the center and us at work. Hubby drops him and picks him as I’ve got time restrictions at the office.

Oh and speaking of office, there is going to be some serious downsizing happening very soon but not sure if I’ll come under the knife too since I’m a permanent staff member but you never know.

Anyways, I get E in my hand by 5:30 pm and reach home by 6:15. Get E ready again, get his juice, pack his bag and out again by 7:00pm and back by 9:00pm on a good day. While we eat food, I simultaneously cook the next day’s food for us and E. Then get E ready for bed give him milk and put him to sleep by 10 (on a good day).

We also supply some homemade stuff product to our shop so after E is asleep, I and hubby get down to making it. After 1 hour doing that we call it a day and we barely talk as soon as we hit the sheets. Since the last 5 days, we haven’t talked properly with each other except for the calls we make to each other during the day. We so dead tired at night and my backache is returning with a vengeance.

Its tough but some days I tell myself that its just a few more days till Ramadan and all would be relaxed after that and some days I think I can’t handle it. It has also made me realize that a woman is never as weak as she looks.

May Allah give me the strength to be the best wife, mother and home maker . Ameen

Updates and what not

2 08 2010

The in laws left Friday morning. I hate to admit this but the house is very depressing right now. There’s something about elders at home that make you feel secure. I took an off on Friday as Hubby had to go outstation for his conference and I also wanted E to do his half day at day care so I had to be home for him. Fortunately, hubby’s outstation visit was changed to in-station and I was glad I wouldn’t be left alone at home. I was home alone with E for 3 days and my, E was being a perfect example of a cranky baby. He would cry, try to drag me to the gate and scream his lungs out. He was at his worst tantrums. Probably due to the lack of sleep and also because he was missing his grandmother or perhaps he was so used to playing with kids at day care that he didn’t like being alone with me, I don’t know. Just that I started wishing for work day to start, so he could enjoy at school and I could get a much needed break. Boy, is SAHM difficult or what! The boy wouldn’t even let me go pee for God’s sake. It’s not difficult; it’s down right frustrating for me. Thank God he’s come into his school routine of getting to sleep early and getting up early which gives me some relief that he’s getting his required sleep. Today is his first full day at work and Alhamdulillah he’s doing well. Hubby dropped him and Mashallah he cried less today, only 5 minutes and he’s making progress. Now I am less apprehensive about working with him going to day care. God bless the day care supervisor who is trying hard to make E feel at home