Updates and what not

2 08 2010

The in laws left Friday morning. I hate to admit this but the house is very depressing right now. There’s something about elders at home that make you feel secure. I took an off on Friday as Hubby had to go outstation for his conference and I also wanted E to do his half day at day care so I had to be home for him. Fortunately, hubby’s outstation visit was changed to in-station and I was glad I wouldn’t be left alone at home. I was home alone with E for 3 days and my, E was being a perfect example of a cranky baby. He would cry, try to drag me to the gate and scream his lungs out. He was at his worst tantrums. Probably due to the lack of sleep and also because he was missing his grandmother or perhaps he was so used to playing with kids at day care that he didn’t like being alone with me, I don’t know. Just that I started wishing for work day to start, so he could enjoy at school and I could get a much needed break. Boy, is SAHM difficult or what! The boy wouldn’t even let me go pee for God’s sake. It’s not difficult; it’s down right frustrating for me. Thank God he’s come into his school routine of getting to sleep early and getting up early which gives me some relief that he’s getting his required sleep. Today is his first full day at work and Alhamdulillah he’s doing well. Hubby dropped him and Mashallah he cried less today, only 5 minutes and he’s making progress. Now I am less apprehensive about working with him going to day care. God bless the day care supervisor who is trying hard to make E feel at home




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4 08 2010

Hey, you sound like you’re doing a good job- my kids drag me crying to the front door when it’s 45 degrees (CELCIUS!) outside and they’re not even missing their grandma or their day-care- they’;re just bored

4 08 2010

I can well imagine what you go through. Im wondering how I’ll keep E entertained on the weekends when all i want to do is sleep in and all he wants to do is get up and go go! 🙂

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