Handling it

4 08 2010

Mashallah, E is adjusting well to the whole full day at the day care schedule, more so because touchwood he falls asleep for the major part of the afternoon.

Yesterday he came home with a honey bee sting on his hand. This is twice after joining the day care. He’s had one before the day care too which was when he was playing outside a lot. It makes my heart ache to see his hand like that and since I generally tend to get very rude in interrogating the staff about E’s well being, I told hubby to talk to them. If not for day care, E is generally up to some naughtiness and comes up with newer ways to putting himself in danger. He just wont sit still but Alhamdulillah as I’ve seen him sit still when he had his elbow pulled and I didn’t like it one bit.

We’re generally up and on the go by 7:00 when E wakes up. We get out of the house by 7:45 max without any of us having any breakfast as E eats his breakfast at the center and us at work. Hubby drops him and picks him as I’ve got time restrictions at the office.

Oh and speaking of office, there is going to be some serious downsizing happening very soon but not sure if I’ll come under the knife too since I’m a permanent staff member but you never know.

Anyways, I get E in my hand by 5:30 pm and reach home by 6:15. Get E ready again, get his juice, pack his bag and out again by 7:00pm and back by 9:00pm on a good day. While we eat food, I simultaneously cook the next day’s food for us and E. Then get E ready for bed give him milk and put him to sleep by 10 (on a good day).

We also supply some homemade stuff product to our shop so after E is asleep, I and hubby get down to making it. After 1 hour doing that we call it a day and we barely talk as soon as we hit the sheets. Since the last 5 days, we haven’t talked properly with each other except for the calls we make to each other during the day. We so dead tired at night and my backache is returning with a vengeance.

Its tough but some days I tell myself that its just a few more days till Ramadan and all would be relaxed after that and some days I think I can’t handle it. It has also made me realize that a woman is never as weak as she looks.

May Allah give me the strength to be the best wife, mother and home maker . Ameen




3 responses

5 08 2010

Hey WM,

How is E’s bee-sting now? getting better i hope!!

Ah I forgot it was Ramadan month now….anyways from what you say it looks like E has started settling down in the day care. Dont you worry, he will be fine with it and will surely look forward to going there everyday!!

Sorry to hear about the down-sizing!! I hope it doesnt happen at all for anyone! 🙂

Hey, doing all that all by yourself? You are a super-woman I shd say!!! Keep your spirits high girl!!! you can surely manage everything by yourself, you’re really strong I shd say!!!

5 08 2010

Thanks Deepa! Im trying to do my best but we women tend to get too absorbed in being perfect that a little left right from the routine and we loose it…
With conditions at office and home so tight, it gets overwhelming and I just burst out… Thanks for the encouragement, I really needed it.

5 08 2010

You are doing good. Am happy he iss ettling down at daycare. The beesting sucks, I hope he feels better soon.

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