Tough times

12 08 2010

E’s been extremely sick these 5-6 days. He had a terrible bout of gastroenteritis and was constantly either puking everything that went inside his body or passing watery stools. He was sick since Thursday and the whole night he was up hour after hour puking bile as his stomach was completely empty. It was such a scary night for us. Plus he has a temperature too so double the trouble.

We took him to the doctor next day and he gave E a shot to stop the vomiting as he was throwing up the medicine too. My poor baby was so hungry and of course lethargic due to the entire diarrhea and vomiting. I don’t even want to remember how bad a time that was. I took an off on Friday so I could stay with him. I had a proposal due on Monday and had to go to work. Got through with the office work but E was still not too active. On Tuesday he vomited in the morning and in the car when we were dropping him at daycare and he also had a slight fever. I took leave from work and rushed him to the doctor only to find E playing around happily in the doctor’s office. I headed home with him and we both slept while hugging each other. Hubby told me to take off the next day so its safer for him to resume daycare from ramzan as we’ll as it is be having a half day. Slowly he has started eating fruits and his food. And yes my staying at home played such a major role in him getting better. Alhamdulillah he’s much better now. And I’m so sure that it’s all because he is missing his grand parents so much.




3 responses

13 08 2010

Hey WM,

Oh no! Wishing E a real speedy recovery, and happy ramadan month to all of you!!!

16 08 2010

I hope he gets better soon!

17 08 2010

Thanks alot you two! E is much better now Alhamdulillah:)

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