18 08 2010

I got Promoted!! šŸ˜€

And 400+ people got laid off!

I’m safe for the time being but not for too long. This wait is killing me and I’m getting way to frustrated. Boss keeps getting on my nerves by saying again and again that time is not far and be prepared! Urgghhh I wish he’d just give me the notice and I can go on and relax with E!

No need to say anything anymore.




10 responses

18 08 2010

Yay for u!!!! but the boss! why is he saying that? gosh!! šŸ˜¦

18 08 2010

Thats his strategy! He can NEVER EVER let anyone have anyone be in PEACE šŸ™‚
Plus i also know what the company does not have any funds to sustain unless we get some big projects so its inevitable:)

18 08 2010

Congrats!!! Par yeh kya, promoting you on one hand and then scaring you with potential layoff ka dar on the other, mad boss hain srsly!

19 08 2010

The promotion was actually due since the last year… and lay off will eventually happen but in a while…

18 08 2010

Congratulations.. I don’t think you are getting Boss is just scaring you to get you work a lot more and not whine about the extrra work load..

19 08 2010

Thanks! I knw.. Crazy boss!

19 08 2010

congratulations šŸ™‚ I don’t think they’ll fire you, so relax! šŸ˜€

19 08 2010

šŸ™‚ Thanks

24 08 2010

Congrats šŸ™‚

25 08 2010

Congratulationsssssss…This is great NEWS..yayyy for u!

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