26 08 2010

I guess I’ll just be doing a bullet point update today:

  • E’s Mashallah doing well in his daycare and has started saying a lot of words like
    • Bur : Bird
    • Ca :  Cat  – Sound is Meow
    • Doo : Dog – Sound is Booo
    • Cao : Cow – Sound is Moo
    • Apane – Airplane
    • Shish – Fish
    • Mama
    • Baba
    • Dadu
    • Dadi
    • Nana
    • Nani
    • Hoss : Horse
    • Shoo : Shoe
    • Shou : Shop
    • Ho : Home
    • Baby
    • Caaa : Car
    • Shmau : Small
    • Bii : Big
    • Up
    • Dow : Down
    • Ships: Chips
    • Foo : Food
    • Doo : Milk
    • Pooh: Water
    • Fou : Phone
    • Botter : Bottle
    • Cook cook koo : Cuckarookoo
    • Pen : Open
    • Cose : Close
    • Barney (our favourite)
    • Tuter : Turtle
    • Pon pon Phia (I have absolutely no idea what it means)
    • E has officially started his Terrible Twos because he has gotten so STUBBORN. He’d throw a tantrum at the slightest of thing and has to cry for EVERYTHING. On top of that he has a cough and flu since the last week so has been very difficult food and sleep wise. I’ve changed his breakfast to weetabix for the last 2 days and was wondering if it’s a healthy and filling breakfast or not. Please let me know mothers.
    • Work wise things are better, many employees have been laid off but seems like we might be a little safe.
    • I’m getting better and better at cooking J and love doing it too.
    • Went to my doctor for my recurring back problem and after his thorough checkup he concluded that it’s just my bad posture and too much of sitting time in the office that is causing so much of back pain. HAH! Tell me something I don’t know 😉
    • I’ve concluded that my kids cannot EVER come in the school routine due to the fact that 3 days we will be home in time and 4th day we will reach home late and everything would be messed up. I’ve decided that I will try my best to be home in time but won’t torture myself with it. Plus its ramzan now so the afternoons nap routine is messed up. E is sleeping in the morning and then again in evening so I’m hoping it will all be better after he goes back to his full day routine.
    • I really want to go see my parents at Eid but damn the tickets are expensive!! Urgghh… Plus we’re really planning on taking an international break on our 4th anniversary so saving up for that. I’m so jealous of women who have their folks nearby 😥
    • In laws are doing well in USA. We talk to them almost every other day and they are having fun



3 responses

31 08 2010

All the words sound so cute 🙂

Hope E gets better soon…

31 08 2010
Pesto Sauce

Most people in US have fun

10 09 2010

Hey WM,

Wish you all a Happy Ramadan!!!!! God bless!!

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