Beef allergy anyone?

16 09 2010

I think I discovered another one of E’s allergy. I’m not too sure about whether it’s an allergy or just a lot of insect bites.

We had to go a wedding on Tuesday and E has a small bump on his forehead. Since the last 5-6 times that I’ve been to his doctor, he says they are all insect bites and his skin being Hyper sensitive, reacts in this way. So I’m never sure whether its one of these this time too. The wedding food was all Beef and a relative of mine put a piece in his mouth while I was giving him only rice. That night he was up from 3:30- 5:00, writhing and crying at night and he was really gassy and scratching his forehead.  He would go to sleep and then wakeup again crying and this continued on for 2 hours. Finally at 5:00 am I took him out of his cot and started rocking him. Told hubby to fetch me gripewater and after that he was much better and slept till 8:00. In the morning, I saw the bumps spread over the other side of his forehead and on his skull and back side of neck. There’s just one on his back and mostly on exposed parts which makes me wonder that if it’s on the exposed parts then it’s bound to be an insect bite. He’s been scratching it a lot and I’ve started his Anti-allergic course last night and put the antibiotic cream on his face. The swelling on his bumps have gone down a little and it’s just the red circles of pea sized remaining. I’m still not too sure if it’s an allergy or not and whether it was aggravated by beef or not. Can you guys please help me out?  I’ll see for the next two days with the medicine and cream and will then go to the doctor.




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16 09 2010

To me, who has seen tonns of allergy is her son, it definitely sounds like an allergy. See if you can talk with your dr and have some blood test runs for common allergen so that you can avoid them for your son. I know it sounds hard, but trust me it helps!! I can send you more information if you need. I hope he feels good soon!

17 09 2010

I thought doctors are not too keen on doing blood tests till the kid is 2?

Its gotten a little better after the anti-allergics. it has started resembling insect bits as the swelling has gone down and the red bump with a tiny bite in the middle is reddish pink now.

im just waiting for this course to finish and then if it still stays the same I’ll go…

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