Petroleum jelly allergy anyone?

22 09 2010

The last time I went to my doctor, he told me to put petroleum jelly on E’s skin to keep him hydrated. I found this a great idea and went home with a new bottle of Vaseline Petroleum jelly. After giving E a bath with his moisturizing body wash STOKO hair and body wash, I rubbed the Petroleum jelly all over his body and went about our way. The next day I didn’t give him any bath and the third again repeated the bath and jelly. On the 4th day, he had a pink rash all over his body. After we took him to the doctor, we found out that he had an allergic reaction and he was prescribed antihistamines for the day and night coupled with 2 parts Dermosave(check the spelling) cream and 1 part of Betonil mixed and rubbed all over the effected areas (which is the whole body). I asked the doctor if E had measles and he replied that measles comes with fever and sour throat, none of which E had. I’m still wondering if the measles vaccination takes care of fever and sour throat and only shows the rash but I should trust the doctor’s judgment. I also asked about him accidentally eating beef and he didn’t sound too concerned and said just keep him off egg for the time being which I’ve already taken him off from. Can he be allergic to Petrolum jelly? Any ideas?




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22 09 2010
Nuttie Natters

Hi WM…No advice babe…no experience in this…but hugss so that u find a solution to the same. !!!

22 09 2010

Try coconut oil in his body, that is what helped me the most!
Hope you get your answers soon.

23 09 2010

I will AM. E’s allergy is getting a little better now, since its a 7 day course, I’ll just have to be a bit more patient with getting results.

23 09 2010

Very good resources. Wish I could get more information like this from others! Thank you!

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